imgMy wife Emmi, our two sons Ralf and Remo and I, Reinhard, arrived in Canada from Germany in 1985, settling in New Brunswick. We brought with us original and genuine homemade recipes. 

Our sausage Farm is a family owned business that started 25 years ago making one product, salami, which gave us a sterling reputation. This quickly spread amongst the local market we attended every Saturday. After a short period of time our popularity grew and we created a German Bratwurst sausage.

imgFrom 1996 to1998, our youngest son, Remo, was sent to Germany to study the Authentic European Cuisine. Upon his return to Canada, he furthered his studies in meat processing. His expertise brought a new dimension to our company by delivering to customers numerous varieties of tasteful products with authentic taste!

Today, we make over 60 different varieties of meat products, including sausages, deli meat, marinated meat, specialty smoke meat products and more.

We can still be found at our local market every Saturday as well as Deli’s, Meat Markets and Supper Markets.

Our products are offered across Canada and the USA.

With our products you can taste the difference!